What’s Zappening is for anyone who wants to:

  • Get out of the House
  • Meet New Friends
  • Get Matched with Events Based on Your Interests
  • Have Unique & Memorable Experiences

Our goal with What's Zappening is to bring personalized and creative events to people who seek something more than another night at a bar or movie. We want to bring people together in a safe and fun environment where it's ok to go either alone or with a group of friends. Our hosts will insure everyone has the best time and keep the event running smoothly.

What type of events do we hold?

We strive to craft events that you can't do on your own. An event could start at a bar with drinks and appetizers, then hop on a bus with an official ghost tour guide to seek the most haunted buildings in the city. Another event could start with a bike ride to the river where everyone then cools down by tubing the riving with a beer. The options are limitless. We ask our hosts to think outside the box and bring you events you won't find anywhere else.

Our Hosts

Our hosts are hand-picked because we want only the most dedicated and passionate people to hold What's Zappening events. You, as the guest, hold the hosts accountable by rating both the event and the host. If you like a host, you can even favorite them so that you can easily keep track of their upcoming events.

Why What's Zappening is Different

We hold smaller and more personal events where you can meet new people in a comfortable and safe environment and have fun while doing it. Through our site, you'll be able to find events based on your interests and we'll recommend events to you through a weekly email. In addition, after an event, you can upload photos and video to the event page to share the fun time with everyone else. We know that after an event, it's not over. You can share your experience with the people who attended and those who didn't by using our site.

We hope you enjoy What's Zappening and we can't wait to see you at our next event!