What’s Zappening brings you hosted experiences that match your personal interests and allows you to share photos and videos with other event goers afterward on our site.

At What’s Zappening, we believe that the key to a memorable event includes creativity, fun and a trustworthy-host who will ensure everyone has the best time possible. Our handpicked and approved hosts have experience creating the ultimate events that you can’t find anywhere else.

We believe that people are tired of the typical night out at a bar or movie. It’s hard to meet new friends and it can get boring quickly. What’s Zappening hosts think outside the box to create unexpected and interesting events. Our hosts attend each event making it a safe for people to go by themselves or with friends. Hosts are accountable for keeping the event enjoyable because you, as a guest, rate both the host and event afterward. Hosts that aren’t performing to our standards will be let go. We have high standards for our events and want you to always trust us to bring you the very best.

As a member of What’s Zappening, we’ll match you with events that fit your interests. In addition, you can follow individual host that have created your favorite experiences. Your profile includes both your upcoming and previously attended events. After an event is over, you’ll be able to post photos and videos to share with your fellow guests as well as with your friends who didn’t attend. Every event’s life is preserved on What’s Zappening for you to return to whenever you want.

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