Peggy W.

San Antonio, TX
Sep 6

The Alamo Living History Demonstration

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Experience the sights, sounds, clothing, foods and lifestyles of early Alamo Plaza history.
“Visits To The Past” programs are presented right in the middle of the Alamo, the city-owned national landmark of the Mission San Antonio de Valero (Alamo) mission compound known as today’s Alamo Plaza.

These “Visits” feature the sights, sounds, skills, clothing, foods and lifestyles of early San Antonio and interpret details of Alamo Plaza history. SALHA historical demonstrations and exhibit tables are setup under the trees in Alamo Plaza, a great venue for visitors to relax, stay a while, and find out about the most “hallowed ground” in Texas.

The “Visits To The Past” programs and demonstrations have included:

Flintlock Arms Demonstration & Firing
1830s San Antonio fashions
Texas Voyageur Table Exhibit
Period Leather Working
Flint & Steel Fire Starting Method
Flint knapping for Muskets
Spinning Wheel & Carding
Cornhusk Doll Making
Period Sewing Techniques
Flax Processing and Uses
Period Knife Making
Flintlock Cartridge Making
Cast Iron Cooking
Cactus Fiber Weaving
Period Land Surveying
Nature’s Pharmacy Program
Early Currencies
Period Handmade Toys
Kids “Recruit” Drill
Alamo Plaza Historical Walking Tours
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